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We make the home building process simple and enjoyable for our customers. Before our first meeting together, it helps if you have secured a pre-approval from your preferred lender and determined an overall budget. If you need help with this we can point you in the right direction! We also offer a complimentary site evaluation if you already have land or are seriously considering a specific lot. Our experience can help you avoid potential building problems and unforeseen high costs.

Bringing these items to your first meeting with us will speed the process along and also help us quickly understand your needs and desires. Read our FAQs!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You may have more questions than answers as you dream about your new home. Allow our years of experience to guide you and give you confidence that your dreams can become a reality.

Do I really need a construction loan pre-approval?

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Having construction loan pre-approval will speed your building process. Muston Construction can work with your preferred lending institution and is pre-approved as a builder with several local banks. We would be happy to offer recommendations or a current list of lenders with whom we are a pre-approved builder.

Can you help with determining my budget?

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Knowing exactly what budget fits your life will be a big piece in designing and building a house that is not only comfortable to live in but also comfortable for your bank account.  Muston Construction has 25 years of construction experience. We know what specific parts and pieces of homes cost. We have many ideas that can help you find creative ways to save money without sacrificing quality. Combining your budget parameters and design ideas with that breadth of knowledge will give you confidence in your building plan.

How much does it cost to build on my land?

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If you currently have land or are seriously considering a certain lot, Phil is happy to help you evaluate it. He will assess the best placement for building and estimate excavation costs based on site specifics. Phil's experience can help you avoid potential building problems and unforeseen high costs. Contact us to discuss a site evaluation today!

What is your cost per square foot?

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The answer to this question takes many factors into consideration in order to be accurate because the answer really depends on YOU! We are custom builders who never build the same house twice. We build YOUR house for YOU.

Because this number is determined by so many custom choices customers make specific to their home we have built homes at a wide range of per square foot cost. Factors that will impact this number range from specific lot excavation requirements, landscaping, choice of ranch versus two-story, whether or not you chose to finish your basement and the style of finishes you prefer.

Beware of builders who are willing to quote a firm cost per square foot before detailing out your specific project - you might end up with limited selection options or an inaccurate estimate.

We will be happy to talk through the details of your project with you. We can then give you a "ballpark" cost and show you pictures of similar homes we have built. When your preliminary plans are completed we will provide you with a highly accurate project budget proposal.

I'm afraid of going over budget. Is my budget realistic?

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Having a firm idea of your budget is an important ingredient to the planning stages of your project. Our experience will be able to guide you toward home plans and finish choices that will stay within your budget.

We offer complimentary meetings with Phil on-site at land you own or are strongly considering purchasing, to advise you about potential excavation costs specific to your location. A member of our team will also accompany you to your meeting with the designer, free of charge, to advise you on cost considerations as you draw up preliminary plans. When the preliminary plans are done, we will provide a detailed Project Proposal for your consideration.

This proposal will include a total cost of construction detailed out into categories. Most of the costs are firm numbers, but some numbers are allowances for things you will choose. Allowances can increase or decrease the cost of construction and most are under your control (kitchen cabinets, counter tops, appliances, flooring, built-ins, etc.). Some allowances are not under your control(excavation, drainage, etc.) and are based on actual costs that are not fully known until completed. We use the knowledge gained from a wide variety of projects to make the allowance fit the possibilities for your project.

Our desire is to build a dream home for our customers that they can comfortably afford. Our experience will guide your choices during the design phase to ensure your project fits within your budget.

When do selections need to be made?

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During our initial meeting, we will discuss finishes and options with you to make sure our proposal is customized to your taste and budget. If you choose to build with us, you can start making final selections any time after we sign the contract.

Muston Construction customers are offered the assistance of our design team, selections coordinator and interior designer, to make selections for your home. You can make all your selections before construction starts or during the construction process. Our interior designer will meet you at suggested showrooms to help you choose finishes that will complete your dream.

Your project will have a construction schedule complete with decision deadlines. You will have weeks before each decision deadline and the help of the Muston design team to keep you on schedule.

Can I trust you?

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This is one of the most important questions you can ask of potential builders. We understand that building a custom home is one of the most significant investments most families make. It is a great undertaking both financially and in the life of your family. We are committed to being a team that is worthy of your trust.

The Muston Construction team takes each project, no matter how simple or complicated, very seriously. We will take the time necessary to get to know you and your desires so we can partner with you to build what you are hoping for. We understand that this is YOUR dream, YOUR investment, the place you will raise YOUR family and we will steward that trust carefully.

Please take the time to read comments from our past customers, many of whom have become friends during the building process.

How and when can I make changes or upgrades to my home?

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You can make changes any time as long as we haven’t started that phase of construction - that is what custom home building is all about!  It takes us an average of 6 months from the start of excavation to your move-in date. You will likely change your mind about a few things during that period of time.  You may find something you like better or a feature you had not thought of before.  We will discuss any changes to the budget these adjustments will cause but again, the choice is up to you. You can make changes any time as long as we haven’t started that phase of construction.  In the schedule we provide, you will have clear deadlines for when decisions need to be final. Our goal is to make YOUR home a reality and we understand that ideas evolve during the process.

How long does the building process take?

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The design and pricing stage typically takes about two months. When this is done your project will be added to our building schedule. The time between excavation and move in day averages five and a half to six months depending on the complexity of the project.

My brother is a plumber. Could he do the plumbing on my house?

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We are happy to discuss having your own people do some of the work on your house. We will help you confirm that they have the proper licenses and insurance and understand how using them may impact your timeline and cost.

How many homes do you typically work on at a time?

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We normally have three to four homes in process at one time. They are all at different phases of construction, so there is no disruption to any project's schedule. One home might be in the framing stage, while the other is being dry walled, and the third one is being painted.

What standard features do you include in your homes?

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The best answer to this question is that we do not have standard features. We include any features that you like as long as your budget can accommodate them. During the home design process, we will guide you to the features that best fit your target budget. For example, quartz on average costs more than granite, which costs more than cultured marble, which costs more than laminate counter tops. We will work with you to find the perfect combination of finishes and features that will please your style while maintaining your budget.

Can you reproduce this beautiful built-in I found on Pinterest?

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We are able to accurately price out any custom built in you would like as well as reproduce it on-site. All our trim carpentry is done by our own carpenters. Our guys are experts at this! When the drywall is complete, we will schedule a trim carpentry meeting at the house to discuss built-ins and wall and ceiling details. Our carpenters will draw the built-ins on the walls to scale before we build them, so you get a sense of size and the look. The drawings on the wall will give you a great idea of space before we finalize the look of all the details.

Do you provide a warranty?

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Yes. Our warranty covers the correction of defects in the construction and/or the materials we provide during the construction of the home for all phases that were completed or subcontracted by our company.

All new homes go through a period of settlement and movement during the first year-long cycle through the seasons. During this period, the new home may experience some minor material shrinkage, cracking and other events, which are unavoidable and considered normal. We will come back to repair nail pops, drywall cracks and other visible signs of settlement one time during the warranty period.

Our warranty does not cover manufactured items such as appliances, fixtures, equipment or any other items which are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Our warranty does not cover weather related damages, natural wear-out, or defects that arise from lack of maintenance.

Still have questions?

Give us a call at (616) 887-9088. We would be delighted to assist you in taking the next step toward your new home.